KPL the place for youR retreats

Named by Lama Ole Nydahl, Karma Palsang Ling – KPL, means “The Place for all good and radiant, it is Colombia’s retreat center that was born as a Project that would allow the Colombian sangha to work and meditate together.

The Diamond Way Retreat Centers are places that host events for teachings transmission with our masters and travel. They’re also the proper places to perform short retreats when anybody has the chance to do a short break on the daily routines and move forward in the personal practice.  

KPL belongs to an International network of more than 650 lay centers that belong to the Karma Kagyu School which is one of the main 4 Tibetan Buddhism schools where the highest teachings of Buda, the Diamond Way transmission are practiced. Our centers are under the guidance of the XVII Karmapa and the direction from Lama Ole Nydahl.

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What is the purpose of the retreat centers? 

Lama Ole Nydahl

Lama Ole Nydahl

According to Lama Ole: “Probably there’s not going to be any successful Buddhism without any kind of retreat, because all it is about trying to move away our attention from all kind of thoughts, experiences and habits that we have in our daily life”. “That’s why to go to a place where theses impressions can be diminished or maybe until more or less they can disappear; it is a really important step to become conscious of our own mind and practice.” “…a short retreat is always good…on the contrary, the huge machine we have in our heads will keep working on. Just for a couple of days or a week, we free our mind of all that is unnecessary. If we experience any kind of inner pressure, we could be able to work about it in the retreat and leave it completely freed from the problem …”

Lama Ole Nydahl

What kind of retreat is useful for western practitioners? 

Short retreats no longer than two days or maximum a week where it can be combined meditation and work in the different activities of the place, or if desired, just to meditate and coordinate with anybody on the retreat center for meals preparation. 


What to do if I want to go to a short retreat? 

If you’re interested on doing a small retreat in KPL, keep in mind the following:


Remember that KPL is a retreat center, so if you come with company, make sure you come with people who also come to practice. Here we don’t do recreational activities.


If you’re going to sleep in the house, you should bring sheets and blankets with you or a sleeping bag, also a towel and personal care goods.


If you’re coming for camping, bring your tent and the necessary equipment.


Eventually you can have the option to prepare your own meal, for this, please bring all your groceries. This option should be reported when you’re doing the reservation.

How to get to KPL?

If you’re interested to experience a short retreat at KPL, this is what you should do:

From Bogotá – Colombia it is very easy to travel to Villa de Leyva taking a bus with no stops or a bus from Bogotá to Tunja city and from Tunja city to Villa de Leyva. This journey takes 3 and a half hours approximately and the estimated cost can be 25 US$ each trip.

KPL is located in Gachantivá Viejo pathway at 10 kilometers from Villa de Leyva through the Pozo de la Vieja road. To get there, you can take a taxi at the bus station with a cost of 8 US$. If you come by car, you have to take to road to Gachantivá Viejo across Villa de Leyva’s graveyard, you will find along the road sings of the Diamond Way Wheel of Fire symbol in strategic points or the road. When you take the main road and after 10 kms from the graveyard you will have to turn left to Gachantivá Viejo ruins, then you will find a school on your left and the road will always take you to the right side, drive always to the right for 800 meters and you will find KPL.   


At KPL you will find special offers for short retreats that cost completely different from the regular price we offer when we haven courses or events.

Short retreat costs

The people that want not only to meditate but also to help on KPL’s maintenance activities will have a discount on the lodging cost:

Type of lodging Regular retreat (per night)
Tent lodging $15.000 – aprox. US 5
House logding $30.000 – aprox. US 10

¿Cómo reservar?

Reservation and information

Anybody interested to do a short retreat has to do a reservation with a minimum of 5 days previous to the arrival for logistics, and be referenced by the sangha he regularly attends Contact:



The weather in Villa de Leyva changes a lot; it can be very hot in daylight with temperatures between 20° to 22°C and at night the temperature can drop to 16° to 18°C. That’s why we advise to bring summer clothes for day light and also warm clothes for the cold nights. Also bring with you boots for the rainy days and a raincoat.

  • Make sure your tent is a 4 seasons tent; especially for rainy and windy environments.
  • Take care of the place and avoid any environment impact action (unsafe fires, garbage or any kind of contamination).
  • Keep the place and the camping area clean and nice.
  • Keep on mind to Support the friends to make cozier your stay.

Useful things

Things you will need

  • 4 seasons tent.
  • Sleeping bags or blankets for cold weather.
  • Camping mat or insulating mat.
  • Jacket for cold weather.
  • Outdoor shoes or outdoor boots.
  • Hato or cap for the sun.
  • Sun block.
  • Lantern.
  • Bottle for the water.
  • Towel and personal care articles.
  • Required medicines.


  • Raincoat.
  • Boots for the rain.
  • Swiss knife.
  • Lotion against mosquitos.
  • Lighter.
  • Palstic bags.
  • flip flops.



KPL retreat center is a self-management scalable project which has been developed thanks to the volunteer help and the surplus and sangha contribution.


As we have activities along the year, it will be always needed to improve the infrastructure of the place and also do the maintenance to preserve the center in the best conditions. Allhelpiswelcome!


All Friends interested to give economic donations can make contact any Diamond Way Center in their cities or follow these steps.

Taking into account that the value of the donation may be deducted from the income tax return, please remember to make the transaction through transfer or check so that it is within the framework ordered by the Tax Statute.

  1. Bank accountinformation: ASOCIACION BUDISTA CAMINO DEL DIAMANTE COLOMBIA. NIT. 805.030.675-1  Bank: AV VILLAS Accountnumber: CUENTA CORRIENTE  # 1 0 6 1 2 4 7 9 5
  2. To deposit the money in the account in the bank, please use COMPROBANTE UNIVERSAL DE RECAUDO of AV Villas bank and in the ref. 1: write down your ID number or passport number.
  3. To perform an electronic transference got to the web site: > pagos virtuales > Para Personas > Fundación Budista Camino del Diamante > PAGAR
  4. For the Association it is a tax obligation to record all income, for that reason, once the transaction is performed we would inquiry you to register the formulary reference number to record your donation.

Send the information to the following Email: