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The Stupa is coming

The ship with the 4 containers carrying the Stupa, left Poland on June 2nd and plans to arrive to Cartagena on July 7th. In this link you can follow the journey to Colombia 🚢 🇨🇴

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Improvement of the electric system

KPL is located in a rural area devoid of basic quality utilities. For this reason, we decided to set up an electrical substation that could meet the center’s and our neighbors’ needs. After 2 years of paperwork with the local energy company, in July 2020 we managed to install a medium-voltage power grid.

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Cutting the life tree

In January 2019, on a day full of energy and inspiration, we cut the tree of life together and carried it on our shoulders for 2.5 kilometers into KPL, our retreat center.
“What a good style!” Lama Ole Said.

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